Teeth Cleaning Dental Care

The BEST DOGGONE Teeth Cleaning!!

Teeth Cleaning Dental Care

Do you get a teeth cleaning every 6 months? Here at Derringer Dental Care & Rejuvenation, we strongly suggest that our patients get their teeth cleaned every 6 months! Here’s why:

• Prevent cavities
• Brighten your smile
• Prevent gum disease, which leads to early tooth loss
• Boost your overall systemic health

“Your mouth is a window into what’s going on in the rest of your body, often serving as a helping vantage point for detecting the early signs and symptoms of systemic disease- a disease that affects or pertains to your entire body. Systemic conditions such as AIDS, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, for example, often first become apparent as mouth lesions or other oral problems.” (Colgate.com).

Are you overdue for your next exam and cleaning? We have the BEST dental hygienists and dentists! We truly care about our patients, and their health!

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